Buenos AiresAs a church, we strive to obey the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. We have sent church members on mission trips to Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, and other countries. The church have been helping our deaf brothers and sisters in Ukraine rebuild their Bible school.

Beginning late 2012, the church prayed and learned about 20 different cities that have unengaged, unreached deaf people that do not have any deaf church. In March, the church decided to embrace Buenos Aires, Argentina with the long-term goal of planting deaf churches there. LBDC will be partnering with the Deaf Affinity Group of International Mission Board and Kentucky Baptist Conference for the Deaf.

LBDC sent the first mission team to Buenos Aires on a discovery trip in Spring 2014. LBDC then sent a second mission team to Buenos Aires in the of Summer 2015 to continue God’s work among the Deaf of Buenos Aires. Currently we are preparing to send a third team from LBDC in the future.